Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Zombie Shiki - Eigo Ryoku Sosei Jutsu: English of the Dead.

The greatest piece of educational zombie killing software ever created? Possibly.

Finally, (albeit thanks to Sega) Nintendo are bringing us the future of gaming like they promised to! At last, you can now learn other languages whilst slaughtering the undead!

Check out the
zombie-cute artwork on the official site too!

Sega has also put up an extended trailer/advert on youtube.

Candidate for Zomibie killing educational language game of the year? Hopefully!

Roll on the 28th of may for more sexy zombies in bikinis and slimy guys wearing baseball caps we say!



Saturday, March 08, 2008

Initial D Extreme Stage Unveiled

Sega has released the first screenshots for the home version of its Initial D Arcade Stage 4 coin-op. As with the previous PS2 and PSP Inital D games, Sega Rosso will be handling the conversion themselves as well as adding plenty of new content for arcade veterans to get to grips with.

This new 'extreme stage' version of the game will feature more cars, tracks and 'super eurobeat' songs for the kids to get down to, as well as online touge (mountain road) battles via playstation network.

For both of the previous PSP and PS2 releases, some cool limited addition Inital D branded accessories were released too. The PS2 got a limited edition logitech steering wheel and memory cards covered in original artwork. The PSP version came with a pre-order only 'Fujiwara Tofu Ten' carry strap and logitech made a special Initial D PSP hard-case.

If what Sega's been up to with the arcade version at their Joypolis site in Odaiba, Tokyo is any indication, we can hopefully expect something cool for the PS3 version:

More on it here via
akihabaranews.com .

So, you hear that sega? Full size Sprinter Trueno AE86's for the home or else!




Official site:


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sick of Ace Attorney games??


Good, because Capcom has released a playable demo of the latest one onto the world wide interweb!

The free 'trial' (I see what you did there Capcom!) case is called Turnabout Trump. No seriously, it is.

This time around you play Apollo Justice, a young upstart attorney charged with helping Phoenix Wright, who due to a series of unfortunate events has gone from defender to defendant.

Hopefully the new game will not follow the pattern of interesting first couple of cases, boring middle case, and non-sensical-plot-twist-filled-beyond-ridiculous last case that the previous three games in the series seem to have.

Expect more on Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney once it comes out. Who knows, we might have actually bothered to go back and finish that last case on the third one by then too.

P.S:After playing this series, does anyone else yearn for some proper, old school point and click adventures on the DS? And we don't mean playing old
ScummVM stuff on your flash card, some actual new ones WOULD BE AMAZING. Ron Gilbert, are you listening?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

US student group do a'cappella Mario Bros. Theme!

A group of students from Berkeley University appeared on San Francisco's
Live 105 morning show last week, performing various 'modern pop and rock' songs in an a'cappella style - but of course this is the only one we were interested in. Evanescence will never sound good, whatever style you sing it in.

The group calls themselves DeCadence, which is apparently pronounced 'dee-cay-dense' - probably in an effort to sound a bit more arty or something.

They also claim they have more video-game music in their reportore too, but don't mention any specifics.

Extra points for the geek in the Domo-Kun hoody in the background too.

Theres a version on their mySpace page, but unfortunately its not available for download. You can however, buy a CD which includes it here.

They don't make video game tunes like they used to, where composers had to try the best they could to wring masterpieces like this out of old Ricoh.

The way game soundtracks or put together these days, you can probably expect a fully licensed soundtrack from Arctic Monkeys and Rhianna on Mario Galaxy or something.

Source: DeCadence Website

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wangan Midnight Portable impressions.

So, here's a 30 second summary of Wangan Midnight Portable:

The bad:
It's laughably easy.
It has stupid AI opponents that crash every race.
Buggy jittery AI traffic cars.
Lack of free-roaming.
You could finish it in 2 hours or less.
Recycled music/sound effects/story mode missions from the 2002 PS2 game and Shoutoku Battle Zone of Control.
Overly simple tuning options.
Handles like the cars' tyres are flat.

The good:
Fun enough for five minute sessions.
Graphics are nice enough for a PSP title.
Features good-looking story screens with all of the charaters from the manga (although largely recycled from the old PS2 game).
Nicely 'styled' cars.
Fills a small gap whilst you wait for the next 'proper' Genki highway battle game.

The end.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So, Nintendo have announced that the recently released-in-America Crimson Red/Black DS Lite is coming to Japan sans the packaged in More Brain Training game.

Another Nintendo ploy to steal fan's hard earned cash yet again, by releasing slightly better/nicer/cooler versions of their products because they know they can?

Probably, but it certainly looks nice!

Surely though it would have been better suited as a Castlevania special edition rather than Brain Training?

Bet you've considered one to replace that boring white one haven't you?

Why do Nintendo fans always fall for it? Here at WeLoveVideoGames, there's an Indigo GBA picked up at launch, a Black GBA bought a year or so later because it 'looked cooler and more expensive' and a Metallic Pink Hello Kitty Special Edition one, bought purely for the "WOW its metallic pink and Japan only!!" factor. Then there's the blue GBA SP and the gold Zelda one, bought because 'well you know, its ZELDA and its a SPECIAL EDITION!!!'.

We also have a black Gamecube and an Indigo one (to match the GBA's obviously), a standard Silver DS, a White DS Lite and a Black DS Lite too. An original Gameboy, a Gameboy Pocket and a Gameboy Color.

Cynics would say that Nintendo does this on purpose to make more money, timing each release of a new edition of its hardware to coincide with each lull in sales as the 'newness' of a console wears off. Nintendo fans would say that Nintendo its just catering to the demands of its customers for new products, and that hardcore games will always want the newer/better/more exclusive version of a console.

More likely its a mixture of both, Nintendo knows its market very well, and markets versions of its consoles it knows appeal to the fanboys and girls that will buy them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wangan Midnight Portable - Official Website Launched

Genki has
launched the site for its upcoming PSP title Wangan Midnight Portable, with screenshots, trailers, price, release date, car list, mode list, PS3 linkup details and more.

Based on the Anime/Manga Wangan Midnight, it also features more emphasis on story and cut scenes than the previous games.

The game is shaping up to very much be the game PSP Shoutoku Battle (a.k.a Street Supremacy) should have been, i.e free roaming gameplay, and would seem to include the full Wangan expressway line for you to cruise around picking automotive fights with any car you don't like the look of.

Theres also a better variety of cars this time, 20 initially, although we'd bet theres a few boss cars to unlock on the way too. Car customization looks on par with its home-console brethren, and there's a new collectible card system for upgrades too, which can be exchanged with the PS3 version via link-up to "catch 'em all"

And in traditional car/beat-em-up hybrid style, there's bound to be about a gazillion 'wanderers' for you to waste half your life trying in vain to race, only to find they won't turn up because it's not a Tuesday with an odd numbered date, and your car doesn't have the right wheels, and its too new anyway, and you don't have 4,000,000,000 credit points in the bank, so he's not racing tonight thankyouverymuch. The bastard.

More opinions when the game hits Japanese shelves on the 27th September!

Source: Genki's Wangan Midnight Portable Site

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sega is either back on form or on some strong medication.......

Sega have released a trailer for upcoming game Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan
for the DS.

It will blow your mind! Or possibly damage your mind, or make it go weird of something. Have a look:

So after over six minutes of that, can you tell what the 'game' is about?

Apart from guitar playing, tricycle riding bears, mens nipples, and a guy who rides a giant banana as as if it were a magic carpet, obviously.

Of course you can't tell what its about, but it's still awesome isn't it? I imagine this is what would happen if Vib Ribbon and Katamari Damacy made sweet, sweet love.

Make sure to also visit the offical Japanese site, its just as great.

And for those people who have got the song stuck in their heads forever, theres a link to the mp3 version, kindly posted by Professor Pew on his Blog. Now you can bring on pretend hallucinogenic dazes anywhere you like!

Do it whilst listening to your iPod on the Bus, or while getting rid of that podgy gamer belly at the gym! Set it as your mobile phone ringtone for maximum annoyingness!

Apparently the game is some sort of voice analyzer that detects a persons feelings or mood via the DS' in-built microphone. No word on a western release yet.

Whatever it is, I may import it on the strength of that trailer alone, which means Sega's marketing department have done their job.

Well done Sega trailer man, well done!

Monday, July 23, 2007

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