Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sick of Ace Attorney games??


Good, because Capcom has released a playable demo of the latest one onto the world wide interweb!

The free 'trial' (I see what you did there Capcom!) case is called Turnabout Trump. No seriously, it is.

This time around you play Apollo Justice, a young upstart attorney charged with helping Phoenix Wright, who due to a series of unfortunate events has gone from defender to defendant.

Hopefully the new game will not follow the pattern of interesting first couple of cases, boring middle case, and non-sensical-plot-twist-filled-beyond-ridiculous last case that the previous three games in the series seem to have.

Expect more on Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney once it comes out. Who knows, we might have actually bothered to go back and finish that last case on the third one by then too.

P.S:After playing this series, does anyone else yearn for some proper, old school point and click adventures on the DS? And we don't mean playing old
ScummVM stuff on your flash card, some actual new ones WOULD BE AMAZING. Ron Gilbert, are you listening?

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