Saturday, March 08, 2008

Initial D Extreme Stage Unveiled

Sega has released the first screenshots for the home version of its Initial D Arcade Stage 4 coin-op. As with the previous PS2 and PSP Inital D games, Sega Rosso will be handling the conversion themselves as well as adding plenty of new content for arcade veterans to get to grips with.

This new 'extreme stage' version of the game will feature more cars, tracks and 'super eurobeat' songs for the kids to get down to, as well as online touge (mountain road) battles via playstation network.

For both of the previous PSP and PS2 releases, some cool limited addition Inital D branded accessories were released too. The PS2 got a limited edition logitech steering wheel and memory cards covered in original artwork. The PSP version came with a pre-order only 'Fujiwara Tofu Ten' carry strap and logitech made a special Initial D PSP hard-case.

If what Sega's been up to with the arcade version at their Joypolis site in Odaiba, Tokyo is any indication, we can hopefully expect something cool for the PS3 version:

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So, you hear that sega? Full size Sprinter Trueno AE86's for the home or else!


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