Tuesday, October 09, 2007

US student group do a'cappella Mario Bros. Theme!

A group of students from Berkeley University appeared on San Francisco's
Live 105 morning show last week, performing various 'modern pop and rock' songs in an a'cappella style - but of course this is the only one we were interested in. Evanescence will never sound good, whatever style you sing it in.

The group calls themselves DeCadence, which is apparently pronounced 'dee-cay-dense' - probably in an effort to sound a bit more arty or something.

They also claim they have more video-game music in their reportore too, but don't mention any specifics.

Extra points for the geek in the Domo-Kun hoody in the background too.

Theres a version on their mySpace page, but unfortunately its not available for download. You can however, buy a CD which includes it here.

They don't make video game tunes like they used to, where composers had to try the best they could to wring masterpieces like this out of old Ricoh.

The way game soundtracks or put together these days, you can probably expect a fully licensed soundtrack from Arctic Monkeys and Rhianna on Mario Galaxy or something.

Source: DeCadence Website

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