Monday, October 08, 2007

Wangan Midnight Portable impressions.

So, here's a 30 second summary of Wangan Midnight Portable:

The bad:
It's laughably easy.
It has stupid AI opponents that crash every race.
Buggy jittery AI traffic cars.
Lack of free-roaming.
You could finish it in 2 hours or less.
Recycled music/sound effects/story mode missions from the 2002 PS2 game and Shoutoku Battle Zone of Control.
Overly simple tuning options.
Handles like the cars' tyres are flat.

The good:
Fun enough for five minute sessions.
Graphics are nice enough for a PSP title.
Features good-looking story screens with all of the charaters from the manga (although largely recycled from the old PS2 game).
Nicely 'styled' cars.
Fills a small gap whilst you wait for the next 'proper' Genki highway battle game.

The end.

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