Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So, Nintendo have announced that the recently released-in-America Crimson Red/Black DS Lite is coming to Japan sans the packaged in More Brain Training game.

Another Nintendo ploy to steal fan's hard earned cash yet again, by releasing slightly better/nicer/cooler versions of their products because they know they can?

Probably, but it certainly looks nice!

Surely though it would have been better suited as a Castlevania special edition rather than Brain Training?

Bet you've considered one to replace that boring white one haven't you?

Why do Nintendo fans always fall for it? Here at WeLoveVideoGames, there's an Indigo GBA picked up at launch, a Black GBA bought a year or so later because it 'looked cooler and more expensive' and a Metallic Pink Hello Kitty Special Edition one, bought purely for the "WOW its metallic pink and Japan only!!" factor. Then there's the blue GBA SP and the gold Zelda one, bought because 'well you know, its ZELDA and its a SPECIAL EDITION!!!'.

We also have a black Gamecube and an Indigo one (to match the GBA's obviously), a standard Silver DS, a White DS Lite and a Black DS Lite too. An original Gameboy, a Gameboy Pocket and a Gameboy Color.

Cynics would say that Nintendo does this on purpose to make more money, timing each release of a new edition of its hardware to coincide with each lull in sales as the 'newness' of a console wears off. Nintendo fans would say that Nintendo its just catering to the demands of its customers for new products, and that hardcore games will always want the newer/better/more exclusive version of a console.

More likely its a mixture of both, Nintendo knows its market very well, and markets versions of its consoles it knows appeal to the fanboys and girls that will buy them.

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