Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wangan Midnight Portable - Official Website Launched

Genki has
launched the site for its upcoming PSP title Wangan Midnight Portable, with screenshots, trailers, price, release date, car list, mode list, PS3 linkup details and more.

Based on the Anime/Manga Wangan Midnight, it also features more emphasis on story and cut scenes than the previous games.

The game is shaping up to very much be the game PSP Shoutoku Battle (a.k.a Street Supremacy) should have been, i.e free roaming gameplay, and would seem to include the full Wangan expressway line for you to cruise around picking automotive fights with any car you don't like the look of.

Theres also a better variety of cars this time, 20 initially, although we'd bet theres a few boss cars to unlock on the way too. Car customization looks on par with its home-console brethren, and there's a new collectible card system for upgrades too, which can be exchanged with the PS3 version via link-up to "catch 'em all"

And in traditional car/beat-em-up hybrid style, there's bound to be about a gazillion 'wanderers' for you to waste half your life trying in vain to race, only to find they won't turn up because it's not a Tuesday with an odd numbered date, and your car doesn't have the right wheels, and its too new anyway, and you don't have 4,000,000,000 credit points in the bank, so he's not racing tonight thankyouverymuch. The bastard.

More opinions when the game hits Japanese shelves on the 27th September!

Source: Genki's Wangan Midnight Portable Site

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