Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sega is either back on form or on some strong medication.......

Sega have released a trailer for upcoming game Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan
for the DS.

It will blow your mind! Or possibly damage your mind, or make it go weird of something. Have a look:

So after over six minutes of that, can you tell what the 'game' is about?

Apart from guitar playing, tricycle riding bears, mens nipples, and a guy who rides a giant banana as as if it were a magic carpet, obviously.

Of course you can't tell what its about, but it's still awesome isn't it? I imagine this is what would happen if Vib Ribbon and Katamari Damacy made sweet, sweet love.

Make sure to also visit the offical Japanese site, its just as great.

And for those people who have got the song stuck in their heads forever, theres a link to the mp3 version, kindly posted by Professor Pew on his Blog. Now you can bring on pretend hallucinogenic dazes anywhere you like!

Do it whilst listening to your iPod on the Bus, or while getting rid of that podgy gamer belly at the gym! Set it as your mobile phone ringtone for maximum annoyingness!

Apparently the game is some sort of voice analyzer that detects a persons feelings or mood via the DS' in-built microphone. No word on a western release yet.

Whatever it is, I may import it on the strength of that trailer alone, which means Sega's marketing department have done their job.

Well done Sega trailer man, well done!

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